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Lyrical Trilogy
by Rilton Primo

Sibila & Ludo: Obliquas | Volitivas | Poietké


Trilogy of lyrical odes by the economist and essayist Rilton Primo (ISBN nº 978-65-00-16506-7).

Bilingual edition (Portuguese-French), thanks to Prof. Michel Colin (editorial support from the Alliance Française of Salvador) and preface by Dra. Maria da Conceição Paranhos.

  • "Oblíquas" plays with figures of syntactic and semantic transversality.

  • "Volitivas" focuses on the disagreement with the neoclassical ode.

  • "Poietké", in posttesthetics, is an antimanifesto to the acute verse, which is not reached.

The book is available in digital and print format. Illustrations by the author "Saveiros da Bahia", edited by the visual artist Marina Cecilia Espirito Santo Alfaya.

"What strikes me most about Rilton Primo's poetry is its capacity for discovery at every step. Images and perceptions intertwined with the extreme lyrical precision of life through the search for themes and epic diction. Joy, above all: the act of creating as pleasure, far from the centralizing power of the author over his work. " (PARANHOS, Preface).



  1. Number of pages: 57.

  2. Dimensions: 14 cm x 21 cm

  3. Binding: Square Spine

  4. Cover lamination: soft touch

  5. Base paper: Couché Fosco 115 Grs

  6. Individual shrinkage: protective plastic film, heat shrinkable

  7. Calalographic form

  8. ISBN and barcode: Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL)




E-book: US$ 14.62 | Printed book: US$ 24.36. Combo (E-book + print): US$ 30.45.


AMAZON: : 9786500165067


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